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Supported by the Presidency of the Togolese Republic, Youth Delivery Lab has sown the seed of participation at the heart of power. This meeting has enabled young people to get involved in the development of public policies. The Togolese head of state was represented by Minister Sandra Johnson, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic. In addition, many other close collaborators of the President of the Republic, including Stanislas Baba, Minister-Advisor to the Head of State.

Why did the Government decide to carry this initiative of Youth Delivery Lab?

The Togolese Government under the leadership of His Excellency Mr Faure Essozimna GNASSINGBE, President of the Republic, has always attached importance to the development and flourishing of youth. Several initiatives have been implemented to support this youth and the Youth Delivery Lab, initiated by the association Youth for Youth, was a forum for the Government to collect feedback from the youth in relation to these multiple initiatives made available to it. We also believe that this inclusive exchange framework reinforces the involvement of young people in the definition of public policies. 

What use do you intend to make decisions?

Proposals or possible solutions identified by young people and brought to the attention of the High Authority will be analysed and implemented in the short and medium term. This exercise was very enriching and it is an opportunity to acknowledge the relevance of the recommendations that resulted from this round table. For example, the Council of Ministers of 27 September 2023 examined and adopted a Decree on the operation of Certified  Management Centres(CGAs). This provision already responds to some of the suggestions made by young people at the Youth Delivery Lab. With the involvement of the organisers, regular monitoring will be done to ensure the implementation of relevant and actionable proposals.

What values should young people embody to better cement national construction?

The main value is patriotism because love and respect for one’s country are essential if one is to contribute to its construction. Added to this are civic commitment, excellence, rigour, humility, and a culture of patience, civic-mindedness, solidarity and integrity. All these fundamental values must be embodied by the young people of Togo in order to foster national cohesion and sustainable development.

What are the benefits of this meeting for the Government?

This forum was once again an opportunity for the Government to establish a transparent and inclusive link with young people, and to hear their innovative ideas. We also took the opportunity to share the Government’s vision of responsible, enterprising young people with all the participants.

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