Africa faces the challenge of urbanisation

The unchecked urbanisation of Africa remains yet another challenge for the continent. Africa must face up to the challenges of urbanisation, not to mention climate change, and security pressures will only add to the difficulties and dysfunctions.

Public territorial innovation in Togo

Since the turn of the century in 2020, Togo has been fine-tuning its capacity for territorial democratic innovation. The issues at stake and the...


The must-see destinations in Abuja 

Abuja is one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. It is a metropolis which is full of life and has a lot of attractions to visit.

The African health systems

Dr Wanjiku Ngigi analyses the challenges faced by African health care and the future of health service delivery in Africa. She is Medical Doctor.

Malian music diva Oumou Sangaré.

She is undoubtedly the most famous Malian on the world music scene. Like the American stars, she has added a second hat by investing in business. Oumou Sangare is the 2011 Grammy Award winner.